Bringing Crypto to Hospitality

Driving mass cryptocurrency adoption and inspiring technological disruption in the hospitality industry.

Round 3 Begins
May 8th

Follow the link to participate.

Where to Buy
eEAT Tokens

After the end of the LAToken IEO you can find eEAT tokens at these locations starting June 10th.

Who We Are

eEAT was formed by a group of food loving, blockchain enthusiasts looking to transform the payment process in restaurants, bars, and hotels. Founded by two entrepreneurs and small business owners, our ultimate goal is to help business owners retain more of their hard-earned money by utilizing cryptocurrency and eliminating middlemen from the payment process.

Our cryptocurrency, eEAT, offers the future of payments in the hospitality industry. It is the first to market and aims to be a disruptor in hospitality. Through the use of cryptocurrency, eEAT will function as a form of payment in our ecosystem comprised of the eEAT payment app, eEAT branded and partner restaurants, and hydroponic farming.

eEAT Token

The eEAT smart contract is a ERC20 token contract keeps track of fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are defined as any one token is exactly equal to any other token which means that no tokens have special rights or behavior associated with them. This makes the eEAT token useful for things like a medium of exchange currency, voting rights, staking, and more within the eEAT ecosystem.

Token Name:
Token Symbol:
Token Decimals:
Token Type(s):
BEP20, more coming soon!


eEAT Payment App

eEAT has created a payment app to be utilized at both eEAT branded restaurants and independently owned and operated partner restaurants. The eEAT payment app will allow businesses to easily accept payments while also simplifying the process for patrons as well. The app serves as a gateway to the eEAT ecosystem and links to all eEAT social media platforms.


eEAT Restaurants

The eEAT ecosystem includes both restaurants under the eEAT name as well as non-eEAT locations that utilize the eEAT payment platform. eEAT branded restaurants will initially serve as a proof-of-concept for crypto utilization within the hospitality industry. At both eEAT branded and eEAT partner restaurants, customers paying with any of the selected cryptocurrencies will receive discounts on their purchases. When paying with eEAT, the discount is more significant.


eEAT Hydroponics

eEAT sources all organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free produce from eEAT owned and operated vertical, hydroponic farms. These farms not only supply eEAT restaurants with quality produce, but we also manufacture and sells hydroponic farming systems to the general population. eEAT is committed to the aggregation of highly efficient manufacturing systems and manufacturing of cultivation units. We are working towards a self sufficient community which provides nutrient dense, pesticide free food for all restaurants patrons and hydroponic system users.


Road Map

Migrate eEAT token to new contract address
Launch IEO with LAToken
Remodel Website
Launch Staking Contracts
Begin Development of eEAT NFT
Integrate Voting into eEAT Ecosystem
Launch eEAT Bridge on Another Blockchain
Continue Development of eEAT Payment App
Finish Step 1 of eEAT App Development
Begin Development of eEAT Vertical Farms
Bridge to 3rd Blockchain

Our Leaders

Paul Langford
Paul Langford

Co-Founder & CEO

Kahlob Bookout
Kahlob Bookout

Co-Founder & CTO

Bobbie Clark
Bobbie Clark


Vejay Meena
Vijay Meena

Chief of Operations in India

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